Resources for CRECS Researchers

This delineates a structure to the support and services offered or intended to be offered to Senior Researchers. The consolidation of support to research activities will inspire the confidence of Senior and Affiliate Researchers as valued members of CRECS as well as home Faculties (Education, Social Sciences) and enable CRECS to better accomplish its mission and vision in a cost-recovery manner.

Data Gathering

Electronic data gathering and online survey support (fee-for-service). FluidSurveys is an online survey management tool, now available at the University of Ottawa. FluidSurveys is a powerful, simple, intuitive survey builder has many features to help you easily create high quality surveys. With FluidSurveys, you can create questionnaires, write email invitations, plan and manage the distribution of email messages, and analyze the data collected. You can also create multilingual questionnaires.

Document Formatting (SEO and Accessibility)

Development and formatting of technical reports of CRECS projects by providing assistance with online visibility and search engine optimization (gratis or fee-for- service).

Webinars and Online Meetings

Adobe Connect web conferencing software offers online meeting from small group collaboration to large scale webinars.

Quick Info

The Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS) collaborates in research, evaluation, and training with organizations in the educational, social service, and health sectors to improve social programs and policies for citizens, especially those facing social exclusion.

CRECS is the only bi-faculty research centre at uOttawa!

Read our 15th Year Anniversary Report.

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