Noon Hour Colloquium

A total of 45 Noon-hour Colloquiums have been hosted since CRECS initiated the series series in 2005. The goal of the Noon-hour Colloquium Series is to showcase research findings or ongoing project lessons learned among students, researchers and community partners to enhance the understanding of the ideas, issues, and lessons learned related to CRECS mission. Presenters are responsible for engaging participants on a discussion around the topic. In the first number of years, the goal was to hold two such colloquia in the fall and two in the winter each academic year.

Over the past few years the series has flourished with an average of 8 colloquia per year and 25-30 audience members attending. Presentations have been made in French or English by CRECS senior or affiliate researchers as well as students and postdoctoral fellows. On occasion special invited international guests have led the sessions.


  • [October] Foster/adoptive parent (PRIDE) training in Ontario
    Jordanna Nash. Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services. University of Ottawa.
  • [September] Gender and Evaluation: Strange Bedfellows?
    Jane Whynot. Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies. uOttawa
  • [May] Interventions to improve community food security in developed countries: what works and why?
    Alejandra Dubois & Elizabeth A. Kristjansson. CRECS uOttawa
  • [April] New Zealand’s neoliberal generation leaves school
    Karen Nairn. University of Otago College of Education, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • [April] Neighborhood Safety and Public Health, Intervention Evaluations and New Directions
    Carolyn Côté-Lussier. Department of Criminology, uOttawa
  • [March] Victimization of Children At-Risk in Residential Care by Staff and Peers: An Ecological Examination
    Shalhevet Attar-Schwartz. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • [March] Assumptions, Actions, and End-States: A Study of Values in Homeless Service Provision
    Rachel Manning. Research Fellow, IKON Research Centre. University of Warwick, U.K.
  • [February] “Mastering” Recovery in Homelessness: The Role of Consumer Choice in Housing and Services
    Ronni M. Greenwood. University of Limerick, Ireland
  • [January] A mixed methods analysis of community integration among homeless and vulnerably housed individuals
    John Ecker


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