Word from the Director

Dear friends of the CRECS,

I am delighted to accept the challenge to be the CRECS director and I thank my colleagues for trusting me in that role. Our research centre fosters partnerships and synergies between university researchers from various disciplines, and the health, social, community, and education sectors. Together, we lead collaborative research and program evaluations with the aim to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens, and especially of those facing social exclusion. We provide University of Ottawa students, including students from the Graduate Diploma in Program Evaluation, with unique opportunities for training and networking. We also support our members in conducting research and knowledge mobilization, and offer professional development activities.

CRECS was founded seventeen years ago and its last evaluation was completed 10 years ago. Ruth Kane, co-director, the members of the management committee, and myself believe it is time to re-evaluate our Centre. This evaluation will lead to a revision of the 2010-2020 strategic plan to allow for the CRECS to continue to respond to the changing needs in program evaluation of the health, social, community and education sectors, and to those of the increasing number of CRECS members and their students.

Ruth Kane, Alejandro Gomez (CRECS coordinator) and myself invite you to contact us to take part to the strategic reflection.

We are looking forward to meeting you,

Virginie Cobigo, Director.

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