AGE-WELL NCE network


Photo credit : CRECS

The network-funding organization: AGE-WELL NCE (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life NCE Inc.) is Canada’s technology and aging network. AGE-WELL is dedicated to the creation of technologies and services that benefit older adults and caregivers. Our aim is to help older Canadians maintain their independence, health and quality of life through technologies and services that increase their safety and security, support their independent living, and enhance their social participation. AGE-WELL is funded through Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada (NCE) program. For more information:

The WP8.3 PRIV-SENSE project : Virginie Cobigo leads a project that aims to better understand the ethical issues related to technology adoption and diffusion, so that better technologies can be designed and made available to aging persons and their caregivers. This will be achieved through the development and commercialisation of a unique medication management app for elderly persons with cognitive impairments.

Five students and research professionals support the project:  Hajer Chalghoumi, Amélie Gauthier-Beauprè, Rawad Mcheimech, Cris Dignard and Maxine Perrin. We are a transdisciplinary and inclusive team that involves key knowledge users, such as aging persons with cognitive impairments and caregivers, healthcare professionals and managers, and technology developers, and researchers from different scientific fields (psychology, health sciences, ethics, education, etc.).

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