Best practices for safe handling and storage of confidential research and evaluation data

By Konrad Czechowski and John Sylvestre

Czechowski, K. Sylvestre, J. (2018) Best practices for safe handling and storage of confidential research and evaluation data. CRECS Ten Minute Window, 6(3)

This video describes recommended practices for safe handling of confidential research and evaluation data. Working from multiple sources, reviewing best practices, and in consultation with data security experts and the University of Ottawa community, best practices for the collection, sharing, handling, and storage of confidential research and evaluation data are discussed. Tips and tricks are shared, including recommendations for specific software CRECS personnel can use to ensure their data is handled in a secure manner. As researchers and evaluators increasingly use and handle electronic data in lieu of a paper format, it is essential that CRECS personnel are well versed in the basics of secure data handling.

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Keywords: Evaluation; Research; Data Handling

About the Authors

Konrad has been involved with CRECS since 2012 as a research volunteer with John Sylvestre. He officially began working at CRECS in 2015 as a Research Assistant for a year. He is now a graduate student in experimental psychology under John Sylvestre's supervision since September 2016 and continues to collaborate with other CRECS researchers on various projects.

John Sylvestre is the Vice-Dean of Research of the Faculty of Social Sciences, associate professor in the School of Psychology, and a Senior Researcher at CRECS. His interests lie in the study and evaluation of community mental health programs and systems.

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Funding and support for the work presented in this manuscript was provided by the CRECS.


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