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Keri Cheechoo

Keri Cheechook


Wachiye. My name is Keri Cheechoo. I am a Cree woman from the community of Long Lake #58 First Nation. I am a mom, kookum (grandmother), and part-time professor who resists daily the systemic and institutional racism that is deeply embedded within society and higher education. I am also a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, and am in the very exciting space of conducting fieldwork and writing my dissertation. Currently, I am enhancing Queen's University’s environment with my Cree presence by participating as both a Fellow and an Adjunct Professor in their inaugural Indigenous Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. This experience has proven rewarding thus far.
About my research: As a published poet, I use poetic inquiry (an arts-based methodology) in a good way that connects my spiritual aptitude for writing with educational research. By linking poetic inquiry with my Cree Nisgaa Methodological Framework, I am seeking to share the missing histories and the intergenerational and contemporary impacts of colonial violence on Indigenous women’s bodies, as a part of the educational and reconciliation process toward Indigenizing school curricula.
I am incredibly thrilled to indicate that I will be defending my dissertation in my community Long Lake #58 First Nation (in north-western Ontario), making me the first University of Ottawa Indigenous student to do so in their own community. In this ancestral space, I look forward to partaking in ethical relationality with all my past, present, and future relations. Meegwetch.


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