CRECS' Ten Minute Window


The TMW video series provides a platform through which researchers, within the space of no more than 10 minutes, may disseminate encapsulated summaries of their research findings or conceptual contributions. Content may range from findings associated with a specific study or a research program more broadly defined. Closed captioning in the language of the presentation (English or French) is available in compliance with Ontario accessibility standards. Closed captioning in the other language (English or French) is available in accordance with uOttawa bilingualism policy.

Submissions are welcome from researchers working in the education sector, community services and social and health sciences whose contributions align well with CRECS' mission. See submission instructions at the bottom of this page.

Volume 6, 2018 Issues

Volume 5, 2017 Issues

Volume 3, 2015 Issues

Volume 2, 2014 Issues

Volume 1, 2013 Issues

Editor: J. Bradley Cousins
Managing Editor: Alejandro Gomez Umana
Technical Production: Daniel Tamblyn-Watts

Submission instructions to authors

For your information, here is a short video overview of the CRECS TMW Video Series. To follow are the steps required to produce a TMW episode: 

  • Letter of Intent: Submit a Letter of Intent via email to the Editor, Brad Cousins at Use this form to outline your proposal.
  • PowerPoint presentation: If accepted, prepare a power point presentation of about 10 slides detailing the content you intend to cover. Include any tables, graphs, charts and literal descriptions.
  • Scheduled recording: Recording of accepted proposals will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and place and will normally be accomplished in one 2-hour session.
  • Post-recording production: CRECS staff will produce the draft video in consultation with authors. Authors support this process by providing the completed template (see "Letter of Intent" above) and high quality versions of any graphics according to the specifications detailed at this link. Authors also ensure content accuracy and quality, including closed captioning, and legal permission to use any figures or graphics.

Community Partner Video Library

CRECS has expanded to include knowledge mobilization projects beyond the Ten Minute Window (TMW).

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