Effectiveness of Tutoring for Young People in Out-of-Home Care

By Robert Flynn

Flynn, R. (2013). Effectiveness of Tutoring for Young People in Out-of-Home Care. CRECS Ten Minute Window, 1(2).

The presentation describes a randomized effectiveness trial of direct-instruction tutoring that we completed several years ago with 64 children in foster care, aged 6-13, in collaboration with nine local Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario.  The 30 foster children in the tutoring group gained significantly more in sentence comprehension, reading composite, and math computation than the 34 children in the wait-list control group (who were offered the tutoring intervention in the following school year).  Both the boys and girls in the tutoring group benefitted.

See the video on CRECS Youtube Channel.

Keywords: Evaluation, research, educational services, tutoring

About the author

Robert Flynn is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Psychology and Senior Researcher at CRECS at the University of Ottawa. He is the principal investigator of the Ontario Looking After Children project, now in its 13th year, in which the service needs and development progress of some 7,300 Crown Wards and other young people in out-of-home care are assessed each year. At present, he is also involved in the Eastern Ontario longitudinal study of transitions within and from child welfare and in two randomized trial of the impact of working-memory training on the attention, reading skills, and math skills of foster children in several local Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario.

Further Reading

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