Systematic review: Parenting and child outcomes among immigrant and refugee families

By Catherine M. Lee and Dana Shesko

Lee, C. M., Sheshko, D. (2015). Systematic review: Parenting and child outcomes among immigrant and refugee families. CRECS Ten Minute Window, 3(2).

My research is on the delivery of evidence-based parenting supports to diverse families, with a focus on how effective programs can extend their reach to under-served populations. An ongoing project with colleagues, Sylvestre and Aubry revealed that a high proportion of homeless families in Ottawa are immigrants. Parenting among immigrant and refugee families can be compromised as the family deals with the multiple challenges of adjustment to a new country. In this presentation with my doctoral student Dana Sheshko, we describe the scope of a systematic review of parenting and child outcomes among immigrant and refugee families. We outline the search terms used and present a flow chart following PRISMA guidelines. This presentation will be viewed as part of a symposium on supporting immigrant and refugee parents, at the Helping Families Change Conference, 2015 in Amsterdam.

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Catherine M. Lee is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa where she offers training in the provision of psychological services to children and families.  Professor Lee is a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and was President of the CPA in 2008-2009. Her research focuses on the promotion of positive parenting. Dr. Lee is co-author of the first Canadian introductory textbook on clinical psychology.

Dana Shesko is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. A trained teacher, Dana has worked on research projects on prevention of problems in young people. Her doctoral research examines ways of measuring adherence to a self-regulation model of parent support.

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