In her own eyes: Photovoice of single mothers on their way to success

By Julie Gosselin

Gosselin, J. (2013). In her own eyes: Photovoice of single mothers on their way to success CRECS' Ten Minute Window 1(4).

This presentation (in French with closed captioning in English) is a summary of a Photovoice project carried out with a group of single mothers living in an underprivileged sector of the Outaouais region. All the participants were registered in a personal skills development and social inclusion program entitled “Towards Success”, sponsored by the "Association of single-parent and blended families in Outaouais". These women completed the Photovoice activity during their training program and were thus able to reflect on their experience of motherhood and the impact of the “towards success” program on their self-image, their view of the world around them, and their sense of agency in their community. The creation of a knowledge transfer activity is now in the works for the project. A mobile and interactive exhibit has been developed, in collaboration with the participants, for distribution in primary schools and community centres in Quebec and French Canada.

See the video on CRECS Youtube Channel.

Keywords: research, community services, program for citizens, social exclusion

About the author

Dr. Julie Gosselin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa’s School of Psychology. Her work focuses primarily on teaching and research on family and interpersonal processes. Her expertise lies with risk and resilience factors relating to adjustments in stepfamilies. Her research has been published in American and European scholarly publications and she has presented the results of her work in Canada and the United States. She favours an interactionist approach to the development of a conceptual model for the identification of individual, interpersonal and systemic adaptation profiles in families experiencing multiple family transitions.

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